Fellow Patriots

We are proud to announce that Eric Olsen is now the State President of Eagle Forum.  Please check out their website at www.montaneagleforum.org. and sign up to follow their activities. 
Eagle Forum was started by the true concerned citizen and patriot Phyllis Schlafly. Eagle Forum has a great site for following current activities which we are all concerned about. Please join up with us and follow closely as we combine our forces to fight for America. 
Also Eric has started a Public Figure Page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ehoil839. Check it out and sign up there too.  Eric has 5000 members on facebook now and has had to turn down hundreds of new contacts monthly.  The new Public site should allow for our voice to be heard  by thousands more. Please become a friend and invite your friends. 
Montana legislative session is going on in Helena now.  You can go to www.montanaeagleforum.org and get constact information to follow and correspond on various bills.  
We have been doing our utmost to watch the bills and give our advice when necessary.  Our goal is to limit government and reduce the taxpayer burdens in Montana during this session.  
Governor Bullock and his cronies are set on limiting our freedoms increasing spending ever more. 
On the National Front, we have Steve Daines as new Senator and Ryan Zinke as new Congressman.  It is apparent that Senator Daines needs some coaching on spending bills.  So far, Congressman Zinke has been doing rather well in voting against spending. 
Some critical issues coming up soon are the Trade bills.  These are dangerous to our sovereignty and economic well being.  As you may know, NAFTA has done nothing but improve both Canada and Mexico economies at the peril of our own.  Tell your Senators and Congressman to vote NO on any new trade bills. And especially tell them to vote Hell No giving Obama supreme trade authority.  
Then there is the Obama-care fiasco. Turns out subsidies are a taxable event.  People who signed up last year are now getting their 10-99's for the subsidies.  There goes their refunds. 
We are fighting many bills in Helena that are trying to expand Healthcare spending and subsidies. State Auditor is only following Obama lead.  So is Governor Bullock.  
We need all the help we can get from you, the concerned citizen.  Tell your friends to join up with us.  Come work with us to get message out.  Sign up for our 7th annual taxed enough already rally on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/83892898804/.  April 15th is the date so put on calendar.  Take day off.  Bring your friends and relatives.  Let us make a huge deal.  Please RSVP so we can prepare for a crowd of concerned citizens. 
God Bless you all.  God bless America.